An empty Upgrades screen.

The Upgrades Screen of the menu is where you can upgrade sixteen different parts of the game.



You can purchase a unit with the given amount of rubies. The costs are:

After purchasing the unit, you can use gold/rubies to increase power and health.


You can also upgrade the bow or damage resistance of the castle here. All of them require gold.

  • Damage: Increases damage given to enemy units; may increase the number of arrows in one throw or set them on fire.
  • Range: Increases the maximum length of the bow range.
  • Fire speed: Increases fire rate.
  • Castle HP: Increases the health of the castle.


The last four increase various areas of the game, giving you an advantage.

  • Gold: Increases amount of gold dropped by enemy units when killed.
  • Mana-1: Increases maximum Mana.
  • Mana-2: Increases speed of Mana generation.
  • Cool time: Decreases the cool time for unit cards.