" Normal melee soldier. "
-Cartoon Wars 2 description.

The warriors

General informationEdit

The swordsman in Cartoon Wars 2 is a weak unit which can be easily defeated at late levels so it is only useful in low levels only. Even the Level 6 Swordsman is weak compared to other land units. All swordsman units are designed for spamming as much units as you can. The Swordsman as a class would last up to the end of Act 3.

Gold Cost Mana Cost
1 Free 10
2 200 15
3 300 25
4 400 30
5 500 50
6 2000 250


With correct timing, the swordsman can be used for stalling high attack units doing heavy damage, but not as effective as the Heavy Armor Swordsman.


  • Lu's 5th and Kaze's 3rd form is a Level 6 swordsman

Spearman units Edit



Level 1 (Swordsman)

Weak and have very low health. You get them free from the start of the game.


Level 2 (Daggersman)

They carry a dagger now. Have more health and are a little stronger.


Level 3 (Shielded Swordsman)

Great for act 1. Have higher health and carry a shield.


Level 4 (Warrior)

Carries a big sword that does more damage.

Level 5 (Piercing Swordsman)


High damage and health as well as slightly more range.

Level 6 (Master Swordsman)

Very high health and attack power. Plus, they leave a trail of fire after their normal attack.

Cartoon Wars 2 Units


ArcherArcher4 Heavy Armor SwordsmanHAS4

GunnerGunner4 BlasterBlast4 WizardWizard3

VultureVulture6 Armed RobotsARobot3 Heavy Armed RobotsHAR4

Aircraft FighterAirFight4 Armed Aircraft FighterAAF4 Armed HelicopterArmH2

Driller AircraftDrill2 Angel ArmyAngel3