" Higher attack and defend ability than Swordsman "
The Spearman is an early game unit slightly better than the swordsman, but costlier.



Mid Range, Average Speed

Mana Cost

20, 25, 50, 70, 600

Effective Against

Short ranged enemies.

Weak Against

Long ranged enemies and air units.

Number of Upgrades


Usage and ProductionEdit

The Spearman, along with the swordsman, is the unit you begin with when you first start a game. Overall, the Spearman is more powerful than the Swordsman, but requires more mana to produce and more gold to upgrade. The spearman excells in usefulness due to its longer range and faster speed. It is recommended that the Spearman be used as much as possible in the first few levels, as it is the most powerful, yet affordable option.

One of the reasons why the Spearman is better than the Swordsman is its last upgrade: a giant spear-wielding rider on a horse. This unit is fast, durable, almost impossible to knockback and its attack affects a large area in front of it. These traits are essential for killing the more powerful ranged units in Act 2 and 3, such as the Dragon.

By Act 4, this unit wears away in usefulness and should be left completely untouched by Act 5. However for the second unit in the game, it certainly holds its own for quite a while.


Upgrading should be done more so than the Swordsman, as the Spearman is overall more useful but still affordable. Leave the last upgrade until about Act 2 as the level 5 Spearman costs a large 600 Mana. It will not be worth spending all your gold on upgrading it if you can barely afford it in-game. Instead, wait until later when your Mana gain has been upgraded.

Upgrades ChartEdit

Gold Cost Mana Cost
1 Free 20
2 400 25
3 500 50
4 600 70
5 10000 600

Image GalleryEdit


  • Kaze's 4th form is the level 5 Spearman.
  • The level 4 Spearman is the first unit in the game to wear the fox shaped horned helmet that many other units wear.

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