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"High movility but weak attack and defense"

Cartoon wars 2 description

Usage and Production.Edit

This is the weakest air family of the game, but good to start on them with air units. Be careful, because in act 4 and forward they can be easily hited by your arrows and you have to defend "two paths" at the same time: aerial and ground.


Weak aircraft: Your very first air units. Itselfs you cannot go too far, so its  recommended to put a strong air troop forward.  It holds in the right hand the 30 cost swordman's sword. It cost 50 mana  to spawn

Normal aircraft: Most powerful than the weak aircraft. Now it holds the 50 cost swordman's sword. It costs 80 mana to spawn.

(There are more upgrades but I don't unlock them already).

Upgrades ChartEdit

Fill in the Chart with the cost per upgrade. Note: Not all units have 6 upgrades. For those that have less, insert a "-" under Gold Cost for those levels.

Level Gold Cost
1 3000
2 3600
3 6000
4 8000
5 10k



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