" Strong Soldier with high melee attack. "

Heavy Armor Swordsman
Attack Medium
Range Low
Speed Mid-High
Effective Against Weak units
Weak Against All Strong Units

General DescriptionEdit

The Heavy Armor Swordsman, also known as the H.A.S. is a high-health unit with medium attack. It is often used as a shield as it welds high health, second only to the Heavy Armed Robots. On level 1, it appears to be a heavily armored knight (without the horse) holding two swords, one in each hand. It is equivalent to the cyclops bear (enemy unit). It costs 100 mana. The level 2 HAS is larger, but with the same knight appearance, although with a different helmet. Instead of swords, two large maces are where his hands would be. It is equivalent to the skeletal hammer wielder, another type of enemy. It costs 250 mana. The level 3 HAS has a samurai-like helmet, and the same heavy armor. It punches enemies with its knuckles to attack. It is equivalent to the small slinger. The level 3 HAS costs 800 mana. The last form of HAS looks just like the level 3 version, but is larger and stronger, along with its cost of 1200 mana. It is equivalent to the axe wielder or large slinger.



  • The icon for Level 3 and Level 4 HASs are the same.
  • The size for Level 3 and Level 4 HASs, however, are not the same.
  • The Level 3 and 4 HASs seem to be based on Samurai Armor.
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