Gunners are long-ranged infantry units with moderate firepower. It is advised to try to obtain them as quickly as possible early game because they are capable of keeping other infantry units at bay.

Gunner Levels:

Level 1: Pistol man

Pistol man

Obviously, this infantry unit carries a pistol. He has moderate health, and high attack power, but his usefulness only lasts until the end of act 2. He is good at keeping out strong enemy melee units that would otherwise harm your weaker infantry units.

-Weak at big enemies

-high firing power

-better than archer


Level 2: The rifleman carries a rifle around, and the gun looks odd, but still it is clear that it is a rifle. He has slighty better health and attack power than the pistol man. He also has more range. He can be seen riding the backseat of a level 1 vulture.

-Stronger and more fire power

-weak at big enemies

Level 3: The uzi gunner carries a dual uzi, and his barrage of bullets is extremely powerful.

uzi gunner

Lacking the range of the rifleman, he does significantly more damage and can take out many more enemies. He can be seen riding on the backseat of a level 2 vulture.

-stronger version of pistol

-fire power is good

-very strong

Level 4: The Sniper Veteran carries a sniper and wears a veteran helmet on his head. He

sniper veteran

hass a great amount of hitpoints and can resist many attacks, even from stronger enemies like Slingers. If he shoots one enemy, others nearby that enemy also take damage. This is positive even while he is attacking the enemy base, so enemies that have just spawned in can take damage from him. He can also be seen with a propeller backpack as a level 2 armed aircraft fighter.

-Stronger version of rifle

-Shoots multiple enemies at once

-Good firepower

-very strong