Gatling Gunner Robot also known as GGR is one of the powerful units in CW2.It is black skeletal robot with a black and red one.Despite its organic appearance,it is really a robot and the only robot unit for the Black cartoon kingdom.It weilds a six barreled minigun with each barrel having a short length.It holds the weapon with one hand and handle with the other.It also has three different forms and they are the damaged forms.Basically it fires its minigun in 1st uses then it uses its right arm to melee attack when half damaged or i.e. in  the 2nd form, it still uses melee attack when fully damaged i.e. 3rd form or near death.It changes forms when damaged and it explodes.It loses its minigun and left arm in 2nd and legs in 3rd form.It also has ariel and giant versions.Ariel versions are more common and much stronger from Act 4-6.Unlike its land versions,it doesn't explode to damaged forms and roars when dies.The giant version is the boss for Act 2.It is equivalent to level 1 HAR and it doesn't explode.1st form=level 2 robot,2nd form=level 1 HAS,3rd form=level 2 spearman.
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The GGR.

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