There are units that are from the previous games (Cartoon Wars 1 and Cartoon Wars 2).

In this game there are more units and they have created units that are not like others they are like monsters in Cartoon Wars 1. You can upgrade your units while using the previous forms. You get units by buying or earning unit cards and they will randomly give you an unit based on the level of stars.

For the first time you can interact directly to other people!

There are two modes of direct combat:

-Raid: Rules are not the same as a normal combat, but mana grows faster than normal fights.

-Team battle: A battle with only four units on every side. The characters behave automatically, so you can't interfere in the fight.

Both modes has an online rating. Weekly it gives rewards based on the position of the ranking.

There is a third mode than has online rating too, but doesn't interact with other people:

-Siege: A survival test. You choose seven units and they have to survive against hordes of enemies. Ocasionally you found coins and gems.