" Angels which punish the BAD for GOD. "

Angel Army


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Usage and ProductionEdit

The last air unit you'll unlock in the game, the Angel Army has extraordinarily high health and reasonable defense. The only problem is that the Angel Army has slow movement speed, but this problem is seldom of a issue due to its high HP and good defense. The attack power is also mediocre at best.


There are only 3 upgrades and each upgrade is also very expensive; buying the Angel Army units price all together costs 225,000 Gold.

The first angel form is small, and carries an axe and shield. When attacking, it scrapes the axe against the shield, hurling and spinning the axe towards enemies. It costs 500 mana.

The second form is significantly larger, and has a more pointed helmet. It has a larger shield, instead having a blue and purple staff. It has larger wings, and attacks by swinging the staff, releasing a powerful shockwave. It costs 1500 mana.

The third and final form is the same as the second, but larger and with two pairs of wings. Once again its helmet becomes more pointed, and the staff becomes orange and yellow. The shockwave released is more powerful, and it can scratch enemies at long range.

Upgrades ChartEdit

Level Gold Cost Mana Cost
1 45000 500
2 60000 1500
3 120000 2500
4 N/A
5 N/A
6 N/A N/A

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